4 thoughts on “Bronze casting

  1. mhowell2

    This is a long process. I never imagined that to make such a statue required a marksmanship in many different areas. I never imaged that it this would be so time consuming.

  2. Margaret Baxter

    Wow, bronze casting has a lot more steps than I thought. I did not realize how long the process could take or how much work was really needed. The video showed the making of a bronze casted bust, but I cannot imagine doing the same process on a life size statue like the Marcus Aurelius Equestrian Statue we studied in class, it would take forever.

  3. Lauren Boyle

    I won’t look at a bonze statue or sculpture the same way again. Prior to reading the articles and my own research on the process, while I had never gone into thinking in depth about the process, I did not expect it to be so tedious, long and precise. Not only does an artist, when working with bronze and the casting process, have to be good with metal, but with timing, precision, working with clay or ceramics, working with the metal, among other things. It is very unlike both painting and or drawing where an artist can stop at a certain point and let the drawing sit or let the paint dry, relatively speaking. Once an artist has stated the heating process of the bronze cast, it becomes a precise touch and go process that could take hours on end before he is able to reach a resting point. Not only is it an art form but it also requires labor. Over all, I thought the process was interested and I have found a new respect for this form of art.

  4. Emily Siegfried

    In class, we learn about bronze pieces of artwork, and how tasking it is to create them. However, until I read these articles, I did not know just how extensive the process is. I think this is something that should be discussed more in depth in class, because the process is so interesting and detail-oriented. For me personally, it gives me more of a respect for bronze artwork!


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