2 thoughts on “Bellini’s “Feast of the Gods”

  1. mhowell2

    I think it is extremely beneficial when it comes to “looking behind the painting” essentially. This is remarkable. It allows us insight on the artists’ intent. What we see is the final product, however, there is much more work that goes into creating the work we see. There is obviously changes made. The one thing that I found problematic about this is the change in only the background. The article said that Titian repainted most of Bellini’s landscapes. So, obviously there is an original Bellini version that we see under the X-Ray. It is just odd that what we see is not what it was intended to be.

  2. Chantel McKinley

    I agree with mhowell that is extremely beneficial to have the xrays done on the paintings because it can uncover the mysterious of what the artist was thinking and the true conception of a painting. The part that I do not quite understand is why commision Bellini to do a painting and later on in years have a follower change the landscape of the painting. What was the reason the Duke had to change the landscape after all those years? I believe that what was discovered at “looking behind the painting” is the true landscape of Bellini. That is how the ” Feasts of the Gods” landscape was intended to be.


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