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Prehistoric tools found in India

Tools have been found at an archaeological site in southern India that may date to 385,000 years ago…this is well before modern humans are thought to have come to India. Who made them? Read more in Sarah Kaplan’s article, “Sophisticated tools unearthed in India raise a question: Who made them?” Washington Post, 2/5/18, A14.

Artifacts uncovered at the excavation at Attirampakkam (Sharma Center for heritage Education)

Prehistoric cave painting solves DNA mystery


Black painting of the “Higgs bison” at Niaux cave in Ariège, France, dated to the Magdalenian period some 17,000 years ago. (D. Viet under Creative Commons licence via the University of Adelaide)

The ‘Higgs bison’ mystery is solved with the help of ancient cave paintings,” by Sarah Kaplan, in The Washington Post, October 18, 2016 (online), October 25, 2016, E6 (print).