3 thoughts on “Sarah Parcak: Archaeology from space

  1. Samantha Adams

    Seeing through satellite imagery is amazing. I can’t believe that this imagery can show activity from thousands of years ago to find missing cities. I again am thankful for holistic approaches to learning, using science and art to detect answers to mysteries. Like we have talked about in class with using hospital equipment to find traces of paint on works to imagine what they would have looked like.

  2. Keegan Wieland

    I love the intersection if disciplines in this TED Talk. The talk included archeology, geology, chemistry, and geography. I really liked the maps showing the chemistry make up of the soil and the difference between locations because of the chemistry of the stones used to make the buildings. This technology can help us map out ancient sites that may be hard to coordinate from the ground.

  3. Brianna Stumpf

    It’s fascinating how she was able to discover an ancient city from so far away. I would have never thought this type of technology would we used in archeology. I think it was great that she connected her past of finding sand dollars covered in sand to her present of finding cities completely covered. Also, it’s remarkable that they are passing on the knowledge to Egyptians so that they can continue to discover.


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