5 thoughts on “Reading images and text

  1. Tristan Johnson

    Prehistoric humans would decorate objects to tell a story or to communicate. For example when neanderthals would paint on caves, it would represent a story that they had gone through. Other prehistoric beings would also decorate objects as some sort of tribute to their god or gods.

  2. Theresa Chase

    I agree that pictures and language can have a big impact on the way that we think about an issue. As a woman I’ve noticed that in a lot of my classes, especially those concerning history, the majority of the language and pictures are centered around a male perspective. Looking at history, we don’t often get to hear from women. It was interesting for me in this class, to discuss how it is though that some of the art work that we view must have been done by women because it was clearly done from a woman’s perspective.

  3. Chris Sharon

    This is BADASS!!!! I’m a white dude. I just read the paper sometimes….sometimes. I have never thought about how what I have been reading is presented to me affects what it is I’m reading. Also, the nuances in the language in what is written MATTER! It’s like Bell is like, “HEY! Come over here and look at it from this angle!”

  4. Meredith Pons

    Pictures and the words describing them are often unfair when it comes to race. I’ve noticed this throughout my years on social media. Recently the Chris Watts story has been talked about all over social media. He is a white man who killed his pregnant wife and two very young daughters in a brutal way and disposed of them in an even more gruesome way. All the pictures of him show him smiling with his family. While on the other hand, I see mugshots online of black men after doing such small non-violent crimes. This isn’t fair at all. It shows how the media is biased towards white people by trying to make them look a little bit better after committing terrible crimes while black people seemingly get the boot.

  5. Clare Driscoll

    The way the public media portrays certain stories and certain viewpoints is very biased. I feel that the media prefers to portray the white community in a positive light despite the crimes they are claimed to have committed. By changing the way the articles are written or how the pictures are displayed, Bell has made the media fair to both blacks and whites, and has made immense strides in removing racism from the picture almost entirely.


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