Prehistoric tools found in India

Tools have been found at an archaeological site in southern India that may date to 385,000 years ago…this is well before modern humans are thought to have come to India. Who made them? Read more in Sarah Kaplan’s article, “Sophisticated tools unearthed in India raise a question: Who made them?” Washington Post, 2/5/18, A14.

Artifacts uncovered at the excavation at Attirampakkam (Sharma Center for heritage Education)

2 thoughts on “Prehistoric tools found in India

  1. Pratima Kandel

    There will always be a new discoveries and since it is a first time, a trace of either homo sapiens or modern human tools has been found in India, there might be a more discovery that will further explain the findings in details. Its amazing what technology can do now.

  2. Hunter Stephens

    When analyzing the migratory behavior of homo sapiens it is interesting to me the evolution of the brain and mental processing that occured differently between them. Technology will give rise to a better understanding of why these tools were found; although part of me half way through this was screaming ancient aliens….. technologies will give light to why these were found unfortunatly we will have to wait on more technology to explain why…..,.


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