8 thoughts on “A billion-dollar collection

  1. Elizabeth Camilletti

    Do they know who donated it? That is a crazy amount of Art, it would be awesome to take a trip to see it when it all opens.

  2. Megan Rosengrant

    Wow. That is a lot of art. I know that’s a bit of an obvious thing to say, but a billion dollars worth of art? My goodness. I think it’s incredibly generous of Mr. Lauder to go ahead and start to donate this to the Met. I think it’s great that he decided to go ahead and donate his collection to a community who truly appreciate this collection. It would have been terribly sad to see the collection broken up in auction. I’m quite glad this puts the Met on the map for cubism! Of course, I would have loved to see it come to Washington so I could see it soon, but, the Mr. Lauder is a loyal New Yorker. I guess I’ll just have to go to New York to see it in person!

  3. Emily Mercer

    The amount of paintings given by Lauder is mind blowing. When I saw that it included 33 Picasso painting I knew that collection was worth a ton. It gives the Met a step above other museums. I thought it was great that the collection came with no restrictions. This makes showcasing the art easier for the museum.

  4. Jessica L. Coles

    • According to the Washington Post Leonard A. Lauder has promised the Metropolitan Museum of Art his collection of 78 Cubist paintings, drawings and sculptures. The works of Picassos, Braques, Legers and Gris have been valued over 1 billion dollars to this day saying this collection is as great as, if not better, than Cubist collections at other areas such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, putting the Met as the leading collectors of early 20th century art. It is also believed that these works were potential donations to other institutions. With the Met already receiving the work there is a planned exhibition already scheduled to take place in the fall of next year (2014). Lauder, at the age of 80, stands out for his dedication to a single art period, “You can’t put together a good collection unless you are focused, disciplined, tenacious and willing to pay more than you can possibly afford.”

  5. Gabrielle Lindemann

    In the article, it says that the National Gallery of Art was also “courting” this collection. Wow, that would have been nicer for those of us who live near the city – I’ve only been to NYC once, so it will be tough for me to get up there to see the Met’s new collection next year, but I think it will make a huge impact on the museum’s collection. To quote Indiana Jones, “it belongs in a museum!” I’m so glad that this private collection is going to become available to the public so that everyone can experience it, rather than just a private collector.

  6. Christopher Griffiths

    Giving that amount of art to any institution is monumental, but considering the artists represented in the collection (Picasso, Gris), this is an incredible gift to the Metropolitan. The way in which Lauder carefully acquired this collection also seems noteworthy, as he focused on one movement to ensure that his collection was cohesive, and of a consistent quality. This selectivity seems as if it may be what makes his collection so special, as it is consistent, and truly represents some of the finest works of Cubist art.

  7. Niketa Hurteau

    That was really nice of Mr. Lauder to donate such a massive amount of money worth of art. It was definitely worth such a large sum of money considering it included works by some of the most brilliant and gifted artistic geniuses of all time such as: Picasso, Gris, and other incredible artists. His generosity and selflessness will really benefit the world and society of art.


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