Neroccio dei Landi

This article discusses the recent cleaning and conservation of Neroccio’s “Madonna and Child” at the NGA, DC.  Interesting isses re. conservation/restoration, the work of a conservator, and how museums decide what gets attention and when.  From the Washington Post, December 23, 2008.

2 thoughts on “Neroccio dei Landi

  1. Sarah Burton

    I think it’s interesting how they are on tile. Also, baby Jesus looks a little overweight! What does the pig represent?

  2. maoch

    The Christ Child is certainly a big baby — the artist is here demonstrating his knowledge of human anatomy and ancient sculpture. And the tiles are quite beautiful…tiles were often painted by artists to show off their knowledge of perspective and ability to place the viewer in a relationship (through perspective) with the subject painted.
    And the pig! Good eyes! The pig is one of Anthony’s attributes because the Antonite Order (founded by Anthony) raised/bred pigs in the Middle Ages. The lard produced from the pig was sometimes used in remedies for St. Anthony’s Fire (we’ll talk about that when we look at Grunewald’s Crucifixion).


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