6 thoughts on “1997 earthquake in Assisi, Italy

  1. Niketa Hurteau

    Prior to this day, I had never heard of the earthquake in Assisi, so it was very interesting to learn something new about yet another natural disaster by reading this article. The fact that the Basilica in Assisi, Italy survived the Crusades, fires, and two wars is astounding. However, it was even more unbelievable that it was completely demolished by the earthquake after having the reputation for being so strong and sturdy. This earthquake seems to be one of Italy’s most serious natural disasters after the eruption of Pompeii. It was amazing how all of the citizens united to rebuild the church; that showed strong dedication, commitment, and appreciation.

  2. Holly Bliss

    I find it very sad to see these places and works of art damaged, but I feel lucky to live in a time where art restoration and preservation is as advanced as it is. On a different note, The piecing together of the old frescoes will create new art in a mosaic form. Bitter sweet in its beauty and loss of the old.

    I would like to see how the restoration has taken form. It would be interesting to see another clip of the current work.

    I was also surprised the fire fighters carried out the works of art and the rubble instead of skilled conservationists.

  3. Edan Lyons

    I am always filled with much dolorous when i see things like this, something so meaningful and beautiful being ruined. However, with so many advances in architectural conservation i think the question needs to be raised to whether or not the historical value should be slightly compromised to increase its structural integrity; future architectural wonders could be saved if complimentary structural support is provided. It goes without saying that crawling on your hands and knees trying to piece together frescos is the most inefficient way to conserve and repair art.

  4. Madison Neisser

    It is so depressing that something that took hundreds of years to make is shattered in an instant. I used to live in California and I experienced a few earthquakes, it is shocking that they are able to destroy something as big as a cathedral. I think it is also interesting that because of these natural disasters, in consequence, it has become someones full time job to restore the art and building and prevent such thing from happening again. It is wonderful that the church is restorable, for it contains so much history.

  5. Sarah Wilson

    It is very disappointing to see a beautiful building be destroyed by this earthquake. I truly admire what the citizens did to rebuild the church. It shows how important the church was to them. It is great that the church was capable of being rebuilt, because it contained so much history that people will now still be able to enjoy today, due to the commitment of these people.

  6. Victoria Jenkins

    It times of disaster and devastation, it is encouraging to see communities grow stronger while collaborating efforts for a common-good. In Assisi, a natural disaster may have cost an honorable and ancient building but subsequently the citizens of the Italian community showed that they highly regarded the Basilica by volunteering to rebuild it. It’s extremely fortunate that the community admired and appreciated the building, otherwise we would have lost a valuable piece of history and art. I had never even heard about this earthquake, so thanks for sharing the video!


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