3 thoughts on “Leonardo in Paris

  1. mhowell2

    The main issue of cleaning a painting is always surrounded by the fear that the original painting will be destroyed somehow in the process. It is easy to see from both perspectives that cleaning a painting can either be benificial or terrible. On one hand, if you were to clean the painting you would see it as the artist painted it, in its original form. On the other hand, people have come to know this image as it is, even if it is clouded by dirt and grime. This is the image that everyone has seen.

    In my opinion, these images from Leonardo have become so iconic, that they will forever be engraved into society. I believe that cleaning the painting is the only option. Yes, you can “save” the painting forever by never cleaning it and keeping it closed off. However, there is much more to be learned by cleaning. Many more things can be learned from the painting if it is cleaned. By not cleaning it you are hoarding the possibilities that could be revealed. If you do not agree with me then fine. Keep your painting in its glorious state, dirty and plastered with grime.

  2. Megan Rosengrant

    I as well agree that the work should be cleaned. The issue with cleaning this work arises from the uncomfortable thought that details or original pigment from the original. They are afraid they will ruin the piece forever. Yet, I feel as if the conservation would bring to light the details that have been covered by grime. Leaving the grime there to continually eat at the painting is, in my mind, the more dangerous conclusion. Who’s to say that the grime won’t totally overtake the work and not only become aesthetically unpleasing, but dissolve or detriment the paint underneath? By cleaning the painting I think you are making it easier for the future to admire and upkeep. You are limiting the amount of grime that accumulates upon the surface of the painting for the future, so this problem will not arise again. That, and think of all the subtle detailing that could be uncovered that could totally re-create this work.


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