5 thoughts on “Tracey Emin, British Pavilion

  1. Kimberly Berlinghoff

    There were quite a few watercolor paintings and what appears to be charcole drawings in this exhibit. They seemed to be childish or child-like in appearance.

    Oils had a graceful movement to them which I found my eyes following.

    I had the impession that the artist is disturbed.

  2. Hunter Ray

    I must agree with the previous post that several of Enim’s pieces had a child like quality, especially in regard to her use of line. The whimsical colors and lines of these pieces clearly contrasts with the subject matter of her work, which is explicitly sexual. I thought that her use of words in her works were unexpected, yet effective.

  3. Hunter Ray

    As I was reading about Emin’s show, I discovered that her watercolor works, which have “a child like quality” to them, refer to the time in her life when she had an abortion. After learning this, I thought her technique was fitting for such a subject matter, because it echoes her loss in a subtle way.

  4. Logan Metesh

    I decided to do part of my paper on Emin. What an … um … interesting woman, lol. She is indeed a little disturbed and her work certainly is childlike upon first glance … but it most certainly is not childlike when one sees her topics.


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