2 thoughts on “China Tracy: i.Mirror part 1

  1. Kimberly Berlinghoff

    This exhibit had a powerful visual diplay.

    There was an incredible use of dimension and shape. The colors and movement added to the effectual telling of the story. There seemed to be a calming flow that pulled you along , entranced.

    The beauty that there is in life and how we have polluted it. There seemed to be an environmental warning in this artists work that should be heeded..

    There seemed to be some religious references near the end of the presentation.

  2. Siobhan Dannaher

    First, my initial reaction was that this was a disturbing video in a subtly, creepy way. It also reminded me of the the Sims computer game. The music and whispering made me think of the Copalia movie, Virgin Suicides, as life seemed to be slowly and inevitably headed towards destruction. There was no rebellion against this slow degradation and there was a strong sense of isolation. It struck me that just one person was witnessing all of this. There was a dream-like quality to the piece which might of led to the theme of isolation.


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