17th-c. Dutch cityscapes

Read Blake Gopnik’s review of the current exhibit at the NGA of 17th-c. Dutch paintings.  It’s especially important here to note Gopnik’s point about HOW we are to view these paintings.  Be sure to view the Gallery!

D. Vosmaer, Delft from an Imaginary Loggia, 1663

D. Vosmaer, Delft from an Imaginary Loggia, 1663

1 thought on “17th-c. Dutch cityscapes

  1. rbaldwin87

    i really enjoyed looking at these paintings. i especially liked the side view that a majority of these paintings presented, it showed a different view of the objects. But, also i felt like i was there, not just looking at a painting, the different view made these artworks feel more realistic to me.

    i also enjoyed the bright colors that were used in some of these art works, they displayed nearly a perfect day, with a bright sky and colorful buildings. i was almost in awe as i examined several paintings.


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