10 thoughts on “Art is so worth getting excited about!!!!!

  1. Kiele Marston

    That flashmob was amazing! I really hope that we get a chance to do something like that as a class, that’ll definitely promote art history and the artwork itself. The secrets of the painting are also interesting. It makes me wonder what the purposes behind the vandalisms of the painting were. Why was that work of art specifically attacked amongst dozens of other paintings?

  2. Amanda Riffe

    That. was. GREAT. =D I love everyone’s expressions and that they all clapped at the end, and the music on top of it all… such a great performance and a unique way to advertise a painting!

  3. Jacie Housman

    I love how fun it was. They took something that seems so old and made it so exciting. I loved the people’s faces, I saw a few who looked more annoyed, but they were missing out.

  4. Sarah Wilson

    I really enjoyed watching this. These people really know how to make something like this as exciting as possible for the people who watch it. I also think that they did an excellent job in promoting art history and the music used in this video was great. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the most effective way to draw attention to this piece of art.

  5. Olivia Gallagher

    Rembrandt’s Night Watch is one of the greatest paintings created in human history. What I find truly fascinating about this piece, is the discovery of this not being depicted in the nighttime and how it was vandalized over the course of time. The museum this piece is currently displayed at recently discovered while cleaning the painting, that it was painted as a daytime setting. This is a great discovery because it can also give viewers more details about the history behind the work. What I personally did not know about the work, was that it was vandalized multiple times over the course of time; you can still see knife marks in the dog figure.

  6. Kathleen Elliott

    Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” is an incredible piece. Personally, I did not know much about the piece itself so I particularly enjoyed the artwork’s “secrets” because I learned things I didn’t know before. I also appreciate how much effort the museum put into promoting this piece. The interactive image is a interesting way to present new information about “The Night Watch” and it appeals to all ages. As for the flashmob, it is a great way to advertise. Anybody can put up a poster around a mall but not many can pull off a production of that scale. The audience’s attention was hooked as soon as the alarm rang out, and you could tell how much they enjoyed it based on their faces at the end. I would be extremely surprised if the museum did not see a boom in attendance after such a performance.

  7. Jeremy Robertson

    The video was very interesting, and a cool way to promote the art. It was entertaining to watch the faces of the bystanders because they seemed so confused as to what was going on. It was also interesting to see how thorough study of pieces of art can reveal so many things about the work. I find it fascinating that the work was covered with so much dirt that people believed it was actually set at night time. It is also interesting how Rembrandt incorporated a self portrait in The Night Watch. I would never have even noticed that had the site not pointed it out.

  8. Sarai David

    I loved the performance as an advertisement. It’s a great way to get kids interested in going to a museum and it probably generated a lot of social media attention. I think some people would be more interested in going to museums if this kind of advertising was used more often.

  9. Alex Johnson

    This is one of my favorite pieces of Rembrandt’s because of the emphasis on the contrast between light and dark in the frame. I think that this mirrors the influence of the church on the people of the time which had created a mindset of good vs evil in the minds of the people of the time at which this painting was made. The contrast shows how the people who are righteous and good shine brighter than the evil of the darkness presumably by those whom have gone against the state of church.


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