6 thoughts on “Tomb of Alexander the Great?

  1. Megan Murphy

    This article was really interesting. It brought to light how much controversy and speculation exists when an important archeological dig is taking place. Many people believed it to be the tomb of Alexander the Great and his family, but it is likely that this was just what the public wanted to believe because archeologists said that this is highly unlikely. It was really neat how politicians were using the excavation in their campaigns to essentially say that they support the country and its’ rich history. In addition, the article discusses how important this finding was in instilling a sense of pride in Greeks, who, at the time were struggling through a tough economy.

  2. Cody Nester

    This is a good example of why popular desires should stay out of works like these. This is a sensitive project that is being done faster then it should due to public desire. Media wanted to make a bigger story out of this then there really was in order to distract Greece’s population from it’s real issues. Greece is a country with a great deal of historical background and implying something this important is happening, when the chances of it being true are slim, is ethically wrong, and those who pushed for the hastening of the excavation should be ashamed. The world has lost enough history to impatience.

  3. Miranda Lovett

    This article did a great job of talking not only about the exciting historical potential of this excavation, but also how it is tying into the politics of Greece. It is well known that Greece is suffering financially right now, but an upside of living there is that they still have this fantastic history to focus on. It seems to be implied that politicians have realized this and used it to their advantage in a “pay attention to this potentially monumental excavation instead of our economic issues” type of fashion. It is a little sad that the archaeologists are so sure it is not Alexander the Great’s tomb. I can’t wait for the day they do find it!

  4. Elizabeth (Libby) Patterson

    While I found this article to be very informative, I would have to agree that conservationists and news reporters must tread lightly. I feel like often times, in today’s society, it is easy for us to get caught up in the excitement and popularity of new and controversial things, this discovery is too special to put at risk of harm. While I’m sure the excitement of this discovery has brought well-needed tourism to Amphipolis, and the news stations ratings have gone through the roof, it is important to focus on the task at head and that is to let history unfold before our eyes- without added pressure from society.

  5. Olivia Gallagher

    I enjoyed reading this article about Alexander the Great because he had such an impact on western society as a ruler. What was more interesting about this article was not only the historical information, but the controversy surrounding this particular tomb, that was quickly determined to be Alexander the Great’s burial site. The media played it to their advantage because they knew that it would bring on the attention and excitement from the public. Using this topic, gave Greece the opportunity to use this excavation to their advantage financially.

  6. Emily Jewell

    The article was very interesting to read. With the new discovery of the tomb in Amphipolis, there is controversy surrounding the remains found inside. Reporters have speculated that these are the remains of Alexander the Great and his family member. However, there is little evidence to support this claim. The new findings have many people interested in the site. I think associating the findings with Alexander the Great serves as a distraction from the financial struggles Greece is currently facing and reminds the people of Greece of the influence their country has had over the years.


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