6 thoughts on “The Red Monastery Project

  1. mhowell2

    I was blown away by the condition of the Red Monastery. It was amazing that even that part survived. What more was the preservation of that mud brick wall that managed to save the exquisite color of the paintings. The colors were dazzling in their own right. I was astonished by the architectural design for being constructed as such an early age.

  2. Margaret Baxter

    I think that the sanctuary is absolutely beautiful! It is quite shocking to me however, at how much of it has survived. I am very impressed that the original paint is still on the walls and is as vibrant as it is because it was protected by a mud brick wall that was removed only a century ago. The ability of the conservators is truly amazing since when they first found the church it was blackened by dirt and incents and it is now so colorful and crisp. The architecture is also quite intricate and beautiful.

  3. Lelia Hyman

    I enjoyed watching this video. I find art preservation fascinating, and it’s simply remarkable that they were able to preserve so much of such an old, old building. I know that this has already been touched on, but i find it quite amazing that the mud brick wall protected the paint for so long. What an incredible view into one of the great cultures of our past. I would love to visit the Red Monastery someday!

  4. vbowen

    This is a remarkable feat of preservation. This monastery, as said in earlier comments, is impressive for having to survive for so long and still have these beautiful paintings in tact. The fact that it is also the last known Jeweled Style monastery left is also quite impressive. The amazing use of color and texture leaves you speechless, and then to realize how old it is and how long it is survived is amazing.

  5. Margeaux Ducoing

    It’s been commented over and over again by the other commentators, but I’ll say it again: the Red Monastery is amazing! It is truly incredible that all the intricate and detailed paintings throughout the sanctuary was almost completely conserved by the mud brick wall. And for it to be restored to its former glory is even more amazing! This is definitely a landmark that I must go see for myself one day!

  6. Riley J Anderson

    There are so many different organizations and people that made the conservation of this building possible. I was surprised by how international this effort was: the conservationist from Italy, American funding, cooperation of the Egyptian government and Coptic church. I am also interested in why walls were built in front of these paintings. Did the monks build them so they wouldn’t have to paint over these wonderful paintings? For what ever reason, I am glad they did because it made them accessible to us today.


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