9 thoughts on “The fighting in Syria

  1. Catherine Alexander

    My heart cries out at this news. It reminds me of when we went into Iraq in 2003. Our army surrounded and protected the oil ministry immediately, but left the greatest museum in the world unprotected. The museum held the world’s oldest antiquities. It was one of the best museums in the world, and we watched it being looted. We value oil more. I was sickened. They later tracked most of the items back, I heard. But you don’t know what that means, “most”. It is too vague. Why people have so little regard for historical sites of this magnitude is beyond my comprehension. It has always been like this though. The Catholic Church stole the marble and bronze from the great Coliseum in Rome, for their churches. The Romans stole the bronze statues from the Greeks, melted them down for weapons, and replicated them in marble. There are only four Greek bronze statues left in the entire world. I think when people can look at these different cultures as equal and their art and architecture as valuable as their own, then we will have peace. Equality leads to respect, respect leads to peace. You could not steal your brother’s treasure, if you had respect for him, and what is important to him.

  2. Lillian Bumstead

    This news is heartbreaking. Unfortunately these days, even in war, art is not as protected/ cared about as it should be. In times of war there is typically a no holds barred mentality, if no one knew they were going to strike there, then no one was able to protect that ancient sacred building.

  3. Margaret Passino

    This is truly just a shame. The fact that ancient places filled with beautiful, priceless things that could mean something to the world, or have some intricate significance can be destroyed for no other reason than human anger is just so saddening to me.

  4. Megan Clevenger

    Any article on war always saddens me. Only destruction happens during war. Whether it be history, art, or people, things are always destroyed during war. As to who actually destroyed the monument, I don’t think it matters. Either way, it is still destroyed, and another piece of history is gone.

  5. Edan Lyons

    During World War II, Britain’s finance minister recommended to Winston Churchill that they cut arts funding in order to better support the war effort. Churchill’s reply was, “Then what are we fighting for?” If we as a species are in perpetual conflict and are destroying the relics that have molded our culture, how we live, and the way we interact with each other then what are we fighting for? It seems we are fighting for our own misfortune and degradation of society. If this is the what the path to freedom looks like i think there is a gloomy future for us all.

  6. Niketa Hurteau

    I always feel very sad whenever I hear or see the news regarding Syria; the situation over there is truly devastating and tragic. My heart goes out to all the poor, innocent citizens, especially, the women and children, that are currently suffering. I just really feel motivated and inspired to make a positive, large impact on the Syrian society. I also feel that we, as Americans, should do our civil part and duty by helping these people to the best of our ability.

  7. Sarah Adams

    It is so upsetting to look at because buildings and sculptures back then are what started the different types of artistic styles that we have today. Of course, modern day buildings are very different from the ones we see in the past. If only there was a way we could better preserve these landmarks…

  8. Remy Marcus

    It is so upsetting that monuments that date back to centuries ago are being destroyed, after being able to have survived for so long. Its a shame really, because when these monuments go away, we loose very significant pieces that describe the culture and architecture of centuries past.

  9. Jacie Housman

    It sickening to see something so beautiful and historic reduced to nothing. We can only hope that someday it can be returned to its former beauty, but even then it can never be the same.


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