We do this here! Students curate exhibits!

From the New York Times, March 15, 2017.

On College Campuses, a New Role for Students: Museum Curator, b

Students from ARTH 317: Laboratory in Museum Studies, are curating an exhibition on the work of Margaret Sutton (1905-90), New York artist and 1926 graduate of Mary Washington. Opening is April 19, 2017.


6 thoughts on “We do this here! Students curate exhibits!

  1. Allyson Kraft

    I think it is amazing that students are being allowed to have hands on experience with the world of art. This opens students up to getting hands on experience for a possible career. This is also a good way to get people and students involved in the art process and have them become more interested and more dedicated. Im so excited to see what the wonderful students here will do on April 19th.

  2. Jasmine Pineda

    This is such an amazing opportunity, I wasn’t even aware students were able to get this experience! I wonder if this is popular with other colleges, or if this is just becoming a new trend in hands-on learning.

    I know there is/or was an artist here on campus a couple weeks ago who is working on an installation involving the new pole star and my art class got to come in for a little bit to help with the assembling process for about an hour. I know it has also been open for the public beforehand, so it’s really great to see these other areas where a lot more community members are getting involved in all aspects of the art process.

    I have yet to see the exhibit but I definitely want to go and check it out!

  3. Emily Siegfried

    This is incredibly interesting to me because museum curating combines art and history in a perfect combination. I think this is incredibly helpful for students wanting to major in Studio Art and/or History/Historic Preservation. I haven’t heard much about museum curation, and I don’t think many people really consider it as a profession. The fact that this is something we do at the University of Mary Washington allows many people to learn about it and maybe even consider it as a future career!

  4. Joshua Jenkins

    After seeing Maragret Suttons works of art I got to see what curators due first hand. The Art Histrory students curated each one of her artworks putting their thoughts and ideas behind each artwork. I think this a good opportunity for those that are going to be in this field, to get a little taste of what they may expect once their careers start. Curating is a job that we may not hear much about, this is an good learning point and a good way for students to be more involved.

  5. stephanie overbeck

    I think this article was really interesting and it’s great that students get to be involved! This can set them up for a great career and help them find something they really love. This was not something I was aware of but it’s a great opportunity for people to be involved!

  6. Sean Ingraham

    I love the idea of letting student receive hands on experience right on campus. It is a great resume builder and will better prepare students for future career paths in museum studies, art history, history, and many others. It’s great to see students active in the community and getting involved in their school. Knowing that students are supporting each other in and out of the classroom is extremely motivating.


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