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  1. Caroline Ford

    Wow, what an interesting article! It sure would be incredibly impressive if they actually found a Da Vinci fresco behind that wall! What really gave me the chills was the fact that painted in the fresco was the solider with the flag bearing the message “He who seeks, finds”. This investigation seems like a plot line straight out of The Da Vinci Code! This is pretty cool, and I hope they do find a Da Vinci fresco. I’ll be interested to see where this research goes.

  2. Lauren Boyle

    The story behind the painting and the possibility of a Da Vinci’s “The Battle of Anghiari” behind Vasari’s own painting. The possibility that the phrase inscribed on the flag, “He who seeks, finds” could be a hint as to another function of Vasari’s painting, protecting and hiding Da Vinci’s unfinished work is amazing to me. Hearing about new discoveries and possibilities for discoveries makes me feel excited although I do have some concern about the researchers methods. Could they be harming the painting with the drills? If more positive evidence was found- that the Da Vinci fresco did exist behind Vasari’s painting- could it be retrieved with out severely damaging both/ or one of the paintings? I’m curious as to how these events will play out in the future.

  3. Margeaux Ducoing

    The idea of uncovering another work of Da Vinci is incredible! To think that, if the results come back positive of the fresco’s credibility, we may have a new Da Vinci piece to investigate and possibly add to the art history textbooks is exciting! Yet I do have concerns in regards to the risk that could be placed on Vasari’s fresco, as the article mentioned, involving the drilling for Da Vinci’s piece. The chance that digging for the mysterious artwork may ruin another famous historical piece as a result makes me wonder if finding Da Vinci’s piece is really worth the effort, especially in the case that the fresco isn’t Da Vicni’s (or is a hoax) — Is finding a work by a famous artist, such as Da Vinci, worth destroying a historically preserved art piece by another equally famous artist?

  4. Shilpa Sadarangani

    I thought the idea and motivation behind drilling holes in Vasari’s painting was pretty cool. The idea that something could be hidden behind the artist’s work, especially when that something is another painting by Da Vinci, is an interesting thought. However, I do think that the project’s leader, Maurizio Seracini, should have had more evidence to this claim before they began drilling holes in the painting. Even though Seracini’s end goal is pure, it seems that the method the project team is using could be damaging to Vasari’s original work. If they had more evidence to prove that Da Vinci’s The Battle of Anghiari was actually painted underneath Vasari’s The Battle of Marciano then I think I would’ve found the whole thing more interesting. Just by reading the article I found it to be more wishful thinking than anything else. I especially thought this when I read that Seracini interpreted the words painted on Vasari’s painting (“He who seeks, finds”) as some type of hidden message hinting at Da Vinci’s work being underneath Vasari’s.


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