5 thoughts on “Is it art…

  1. Michael Howard

    SWEEEEEEET!!!! I thought that was amazingly artsitic. Yes, it is art. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I especially liked the welcome message and the Happy Happy 🙂

  2. rbaldwin87

    WOOOW!!! This is real art, there was a lot of creative thinking that went into this.. but i do have to say that the japanese have come up with some pretty sweet stuff when it comes to nifty things

  3. sooju87

    oh, I saw when I was in Korea. I loved this when it showed ♥ shape. It was so sweet 🙂 haha. People usually say Hangul(Korean characters) has scientific and aesthetic aspects in itself. Chinese characters seen thru this are also beautiful!

  4. Melissa Rodriguez

    Wow!! This is REALLY neat! I’ve never seen anything like it before-it is extremely creative. My favorite part is the dolphins, they were really pretty to me-plus dolphins are my favorite animal: ) I really like this.


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