6 thoughts on “Baroque theater

  1. Lelia Hyman

    Wow, this is gorgeous. I think that The Baroque Period is my favorite that we’ve studied so far. The architecture and paintings are beautiful. I’ve especially enjoyed looking at the art of Caravaggio. His use of realism is almost breathtaking. The tenebrism he uses has an astounding effect. My favorite work that we’ve studied so far by Caravaggio is “Judith Beheading Holofernes”. The expression of innocence and femininity on Judith’s face is really touching, and we really hadn’t seen too many artists aside from Leonardo up until Caravaggio who gave their characters such honest emotion. I think that Caravaggio did a great job of conveying the story, and I look forward to studying more Baroque!

  2. Margaret Baxter

    I think that the sheer size and intricate details of this niche and sculpture would leave anyone in awe and wonder, religious or not. I think that it is amazing that the painting descends and reveals the sculpture every day. It clearly represents all the attributes of the Baroque; it is overwhelming, grand, and dynamic. I find the Baroque to be a very interesting time for art, the subjects, and techniques are so elaborate and unique.

  3. Margeaux Ducoing

    What I wouldn’t give to see this in person! The pictures and description of this altarpiece is incredible — and to think the entire spectacle, light show and all, was created in the 17th century! The Baroque style never ceases to amaze, what with its dynamic art pieces and exaggerated poses. Everything in this altarpiece exudes Baroque style, from its expressive statues with extravagant details to the magnificent (and over-the-top) musical-light display.

  4. Chantel McKinley

    What an amazing altarpiece with the grand size, the colors in the painting, and the beautiful sculptures. This piece would definitely have the viewers in shock and awe of the grand design of it. The way the painting goes into the floor to reveal the sculptures is a very theaterical way of getting and holding the viewer’s attention. It is absolutely beautiful and breath taking. The Renaissance is my favorite peroid because I love the artwork of Michelangelo. My favorite is the Frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. They are beautiful and so detailed. I hope one day to go to Rome and actually see Michelangelo’s work in person. I am sure that it more beautiful in person.

  5. Khadijah Johnson

    This work of art is astounding. There are only certain places today that you can find art like this. I like how it has a vaulted arch towards the top of the piece. The painting by Andrea Pozzo comes out at the audience. It looks like it has a 3 dimensional feel to it. As I look closer it seems like the whole bottom half can be a painting. If not the artist and the sculptor gave the illusion that it was.

  6. Celina Neal

    The presentation of this sculpture is definitely something I would want to experience in person since pictures don’t truly do it justice. I found it interesting that some viewers feel that the display is over the top and dated according to the article. Although it may be dated, I think the way the sculpture is presented is reminiscent of the Baroque period in the best light. It captures the essence and decadence of the era that I find striking and expressive.


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