4 thoughts on “Art by Neanderthals

  1. Gwen Fiorillo

    This is absolutely incredible. The oldest things we’ve studied in class were only around 30,000 years old, and these scientists have found art from over 100,000 years ago! When you think about it, that may seem like a long time, and it is, but its incredible to think how new we are as humans on this earth. This shows how important art is and will always be. Our ancestors, who weren’t even technically human, created art, though not representative, is still an impressive action.

  2. Haley Russello

    It’s amazing how art from so long ago can still affect and inspire people today. Ancient people looked at nature and replicated what they could see into their drawings to tell stories. I quite like the style of the cave paintings, they kind of remind me of cartoons almost.

  3. Beth Bayless

    This article points out the common thought that humans that came long before us were for some reason lesser than us and incapable of things like art which is not true. This is a really great step in determining how we as a species evolved and how we are not that different.

  4. Hunter Stephens

    When I read 100,000 years ago part of my jaw dripped it is truly amazing dating has traced it that far back. With dating and evolution we see this imperative behavior of neanderthals are not confined to just a single period…


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