This is brilliant!

Read anything you can by Philip Kennicott, art critic for The Washington Post. Here he writes about how one might visit an art museum…and really get something out of it!

Philip Kennicott, “The ‘learn one thing’ rule.” Washington Post, 2/4/18, E13.

The series of short articles is about “getting the most” out of your visits to a museum, theatre, dance performance, even a movie. They are all worth reading. If you just want to read Kennicott, scroll down to the Mondrian glasses.

5 thoughts on “This is brilliant!

  1. Gwen Fiorillo

    This is an interesting concept. I’ll admit I’ve been to a lot of museums where I am just floating around, not retaining much information, either because the art is not cohesive or the plaques are non-informative. This is a really good way to develop your understanding of art, or, at the very least, get something for your money spent on a ticket!

  2. Beth Bayless

    What i like about this is that the basic advice that is given by the authors is to use more than one of your senses when you listen to music, watch a play, dance or movie, and when you visit a museum. It a little had to do, but it will help you understanding what you are witnessing. i think that the ‘learn one thing’ rule for exhibitions in museums is really smart and something that i subconsciously what to do every time i see an exhibit and is something that i will keep in mind down the road.

  3. Christopher Hall

    The article was very informative because I can understand when I go to a museum sometimes and just left looking at images and not going into greater depth of what the art is expressing . When going to museums I look to understand concepts of artist and what they’re trying to express to the viewer . With the strategies of using our sciences I feel this will be very useful for being able to look more into artwork presented .

  4. Lucy Bondje

    This article was very informative with describing the different ways you can analyze a play, musical, artwork, film, and etc. I figured out that analyzing different material was one of my many talents but this article assisted me with tips thats going to help me become a better critic towards my work. It also helped me find a deeper meaning when being an audience to different forms of visual representations.

  5. Hunter Stephens

    This is a great differing way to appreciate art! Allowing movies to “wash over me”. This article has given me perspective to analyze forms of art in differing ways in years to come.


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