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Here are three sites for further information on the Pyramids:

There are several excellent accounts in Smarthistory:

“Building the Great Pyradmid,” by Dr. Ian Shaw, University of Liverpool:

And from e-how (thank you, Joe!):

Keep in mind…there are still mysteries here to be solved and many controversial interpretations. They are amazing structures!

New media and art conservation

How do we conserve new media art that is based on/created with a technology that is now obsolete?  When the art no longer “works”?  Do we allow it to disappear?  Become corrupted?  Update the software?  Read what the Whitney Museum of American Art did with Douglas Davis’s “The World’s First Collaborative Sentence”.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 3.57.27 PM

This raises questions about art making, art curating, and skills museum curators need today.

What interesting questions!

Be sure to click on the above links to see more about this art.