4 thoughts on “Smuggling ancient artifacts

  1. Gwen Fiorillo

    It seems to me that the company knew exactly what they were doing and that that couldn’t have been the proper way to acquire those artifacts. They weren’t just ceramic or clay tiles, and labeling the boxes as such is very misleading. Not to mention, that price doesn’t seem like a suitable amount for so many artifacts. being wired to multiple accounts is also very suspicious.

  2. Beth Bayless

    I think that these was not on the company of Hobby Lobby but rather the owners, the Greens, using their company to increase their private collections and as a cover. One of the things that really stuck out to me is when they said that they did not know/ understand the proper way to bring artifacts into the country yet same people are involved with opening a museum, this indicates to me that they don’t really care about the museum or the artifacts but rather their own personal collections or check books. Stolen artifacts are a big problem in the museum world and the Greens are not helping the issue.

  3. Dylan Burkett

    I feel the company knew well of what it was doing. And the fact they deny the artifacts were going to the Museum of the Bible is practically false to its core. This is part of a long history of white collectors being able to purchase/steal history from less advantaged people. It is classist thinking at its finest. They could be held fully accountable and all artifacts returned to their rightful homelands.

  4. Chris Sharon

    It’s a shame that the voices and minds that created the artifacts in question will be silenced for eternity, when they were striving so hard to tell us their story. Greed seems to have won the day here and driven a collector to ignore his own moral and ethical framework. For the “dealers”, hopefully there is some kind of government engagement on their end, understanding that the amount of money here is a life-changing sum for multiple generations.


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