7 thoughts on “Monet’s Giverny in the Bronx

  1. Robbie O'Donnell

    I had no idea Monet had these gardens. I had heard of his paintings but didn’t know a thing about his beautiful gardens. When you think about it though the two go hand in hand really. Painters know how to use color and have a good eye for how to make things look beautiful, which transfers over to gardening quite nicely. It amazing that the New York Botanical Gardens was able to do this and bring these beautiful gardens to every day people who may not get a chance to see the real thing. And his palette does look like a garden!

  2. Alaina Haws

    This is amazing that the botanical gardens was able to recreate the gardens of Monet. And yet I am not sure how authentic New York can be versus Europe. Europe has different climates than America, so some of these plants cannot be flourishing as much as they did for Monet in his garden. Another difference involves all gardens. They do not stay the same. Ever. Gardens are constantly changing with the environment: growing, dying, thriving, or barely surviving. The most we can ever hope to do is get a glimpse of what it MIGHT have been like to be in Monet’s garden, and traditionally we can see that with his paintings and their pallets.

  3. Megan Rosengrant

    I love the fact that Monet created a garden, and that it has been restored. Monet is one of my favorite artists, so to see that he was a gardner as well was a pleasant surprise. I did notice the similarities of his pallet to the garden. Just as well, I suppose, as most of his works were of landscapes and gardens. I find it kind of funny, the way all of his work rotated around the common theme of color and landscape and how both came together in his life so fluidly. I once heard a professor say that the beauty in the in impressionist movement was within the spaces. To that I agree. I find that even within this physical garden, the spaces between the blotches of colored flora make the overall effect that much more sincere, and beautiful.

  4. Gabrielle Lindemann

    I love this! I love gardens and I have one of my own at home that I work on with my dad that I take a lot of pride in, and it’s entirely worth it to have that space filled with flowers and green grass and trees and vegetables that you can eat for dinner. Gardens are such relaxing places and I can see how Monet’s gardens must have inspired him in his paintings. I can’t paint well, but I take pleasure in photographing my flowers in different ways and keeping the photos for myself. If you can’t get to the Bronx anytime soon, definitely go to the National Botanic Garden in DC, it is absolutely amazing and beautiful. I went around Christmastime and they had made these mini-houses for little elvish creatures made out of plant materials like bark and leaves that they had placed among the plants.

  5. Rebecca Reed

    I have never heard of his garden before. It is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to be able to visit this one day. I like how the garden and its flowers changes with the different seasons. I also love how the garden represents Monet’s paintings. It’s just like seeing his paintings but in a more 3D view. His garden is absolutely beautiful and it is obvious how they could be so inspiring to Monet.

  6. Celina Neal

    I am full of respect for these gardens as well as the artwork itself. The way Monet used such vivid colors truly mimic the natural environments he surrounded himself with. I love how the gardens reflect that so well and encourages a full interaction with nature which I’m sure makes it impossible to not be inspired by. The way the New York Botanical Garden reflects what Monet would have been to exposed to every day really does justice to the stimulating environment that inspired such beautiful and moving art.

  7. Kathleen Elliott

    Art comes in all forms and Monet’s gardens are a prime example of this. What is so amazing about Monet is that his art has influenced so many other artists and audiences for years and will continue to do so. His work in his gardens was so significant, it prompted modern artists to recreate them, which in turn made Monet’s art available to a wider audience. What is also amazing is his mastery of color. The similarities between his gardens and his paintings shows his thorough understanding of the subject. Monet was an artist of many media, not only could he compose colors on a canvas, he could use them to create the masterpieces that are his gardens.


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